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The Miller Syncrowave 400 offers single or three phase power and features a 30% duty cycle at 400 amps. This machine comes with Auto-Link technology that automatically links the power source to primary voltage being applied (208/240/480). The AC squarewave welding current of the Syncrowave 400 automatically removes the layer of oxide which is necessary for producing high-quality aluminum welds. The Syncrowave 400 compensates for power fluctuation without changing your welding parameters – line voltage compensation works on fluctuating power +-10 percent. Miller’s fan-on-demand technology operates the power source only when needed, reducing noise and energy use. The Syncrowave 400 comes with an Arc Timer/Cycle Counter that records actual welding time and number of arc starts, which is great for estimating job costs.

The Syncrowave 400 is easy to use – the intuitive user interface is simple to understand, making it easy to adjust parameters, and means less time training new employees. The Pro-Set button gets to factory preset parameters with one touch of a button. The AC balance control provides adjustable oxide removal which is essential for creating the highest quality aluminum welds, the AC balance can be adjusted from 60-80%, and the Pro-Set is defaulted to 68%.. The Syncrowave 400 comes with Pulsed TIG, which can increase puddle agitation, arc stability, and travel speeds while reducing heat input and distortion. This welder comes with DIG control that allows the arc characteristics to be changed for specific applications and electrodes. Lower the DIG setting for smooth running electrodes like 7018, and increase the DIG setting for stiffer, more penetrating electrodes like 6010. The Syncrowave 400 also offers Hot Start which is an adaptive control that provides positive arc starts without sticking.

• Auto-Link
• AC Balance Control
• Blue Lightning HF Arc Starts
• Lift-Arc Start
• Auto-Postflow
• Pro-Set
• Arc Timer/Cycle Counter
• Line Voltage Compensation

Quick Specs
• Input Power: 208/240/480 V | 1 or 3-Phase Power
• Amperage Range: 5-400 Amps
• Thickness Capability: 1/2″ Steel | 3/8″ Aluminum
• Duty Cycle: 30% @ 300A | 60% @ 210A
• Weight: 131 lbs (Power Source) | 211 lbs (With Cooler/Cart)
• Dimensions: 29.4″ H x 15″ W x 24.6″ D (Power Source) | 43.9″ H x 20.5″ W x 36.3″ D (With Cooler/Cart)

Comes Complete With
• Syncrowave 400 Power Source
• 8 Foot Power Cord (No Plug)
• Running Gear
• Coolmate 3S Cooler
• 2 Dinse Connectors
• Owner’s Manual

Brand Miller
SKU IMIL20200031
MPN MIL907783001
Mfgs MPN 907783001
UPC 715959683449
Prop65 Yes
Material Aluminum, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium
Process Stick, TIG
Max Amperage Output 400 Amps
Usage Heavy Industrial, Industrial, Light Industrial
Phase Both
Manufacturer’s Warranty 3 Years
Polarity AC/DC
Duty Cycle 60%
Duty Cycle 60% @ 300A
Portability 131 lbs
Skill Level Career Welder
Input Voltage 208, 220, 230, 240, 460
Discontinued Product No
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