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Lombardini LMG6000 Supersilenced 6 KVA Marine Generator


Lombardini LMG6000 single-phase 6 KVA marine generator with a 3000 rpm motor. The Lombardini LMG6000 marine generator is built with a soundproof capsule that makes it supersilenced. The Lombardini LMG6000 is built with a 4-stroke diesel powered Lombardini engine. The alternator of the Lombardini LMG6000 marine generator is synchronous and brushless. With its compact size and light weight, the Lombardini LMG6000 is also suitable for installation on small boats.n


nOn the marine generator is installed the Lombardini 15 LD, single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine, which is characterized by its compactness and lightness, thanks to the realization of the aluminum crankcase and head and the use of the air cooling system.n


nOn the Lombardini LMG6000 the alternator is of the brushless synchronous type with windings on inclined slots. The optimal wave shape allows safe operation of on-board electronic equipment and efficient battery charger power on this marine generator set.n


nThe Lombardini LMG6000 marine generator features air-to-water cooling with a radiator. The seawater cools the engine oil, the outer walls of the alternator and the intake air.n

Remote Control Panel

nThe Lombardini marine generator is equipped with a remote control and command panel with 15 m of cable and quick plug-in coector, complete with high water temperature and low oil pressure warning lights. A display indicates hours of operation, voltage, current output and maintenance alerts. An additional control panel is available upon request.n

Lombardini LMG6000 Supersilenced 6 KVA Marine Generator Specifications:

nPhase : Single phasenContinuous power single phase (KW) : 5nContinuous power single phase (KVA) : 6nFuel : DieselnFrequency (Hz : 50nVoltage (V) : 230nEngine : Lombardini 15LD440, 4 strokenEngine rpm (rpm) : 3000nEngine capacity (cm³) : 442nNumber cylinders : 1nCooling : WaternAlternator : SynchronousnAcoustic pressure : 56 dB(A) at 7 mnLength (mm) : 615nWidth (mm) : 430nHeight (mm) : 540nDry weight (Kg) : 110nBrushes : NonProduct type : GeneratornVoltage regulator : NonEngine manufacturer : Lombardini

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