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2023 Aprilia® Tuono 660 Factory Too Fast


2023 Aprilia® Tuono 660 Factory

Tuono 660 Factory is Lighter, More Refined, and with More Equipment

The Factory versions of Aprilia sports bikes have always represented the spearhead of production and are dedicated to the most demanding and competent motorcyclists, who are able to appreciate the quality of the finest fittings.

Now the Factory set-up is also available for the newborn Tuono 660: the most effective and fun to use on the road, a real generator of emotions accessible to all, in compliance with the 660 project by Aprilia which features bikes with an amazing weight / power ratio, light and performing, built around the brand new Aprilia parallel twin-cylinder of the new generation.

Features may include:

  • Lighter Weight

The adoption of a light lithium battery which helps to reduce the overall weight by about 3-lbs (now weighing 399-lbs).

  • Additonal Technology

The support of the full APRC suite similar to the RS including multimaping cornering ABS in coordination with the IMU

  • Upgraded Suspension

The Factory variant includes a fully adjustable KYB forks and an oil reservoir-equipped Sachs rear shock.

  • Performance Design

The Factory will adopt the RS 660 single passenger rear seat cowl for a sleeker look.

  • Power to Weight Ratio

To further improve the weight / power ratio, one of the main objectives of all the new Aprilia 660s and already at the top on the Tuono 660, thanks to the adoption of a light lithium battery which helps to reduce the overall weight by about 3-lbs (the weight now 399-lbs).

The grit itself of the engine in acceleration also increases, thanks to the adoption of a shorter final drive, with a pinion with 16 teeth, one less than the Tuono 660.

  • You Spoke We Listened

Tuono 660 Factory comes standard with the full complete suite of APRC electronic controls equipped with an electronic Ride-by-Wire accelerator and a six-axis inertial platform.

The Tuono 660 Factory APRC includes ATC (Aprilia Traction Control), AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control) adjustable wheelie control system, ACC (Aprilia Cruise Control) to maintain the set speed without acting on the throttle; AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift), the electronic gearbox, for very quick changes without closing the throttle and without using the clutch, also equipped with a downshift function, which allows you to downshift without touching the clutch; AEB (Aprilia Engine Brake), the adjustable engine brake control system during the gas closing phase; AEM (Aprilia Engine Map), different mappings available to change the character and way of delivering engine power.



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Tuono 660 Factory Too Fast

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