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2017 Mercury 20 HP 20MLH Outboard Motor


2017 Mercury 20 HP 20MLH Outboard Motor

Fast throttle response and fast acceleration are features designed into the 20 HP Mercury Outboard. With powerful low end torque and a large displacement your boat planes faster and you get to your destination across the water faster thanks to Mercury outboard engineering. The Mercury 20 HP Model 20MLH is your affordable choice in the 20 HP line up with a manual start, manual tilt and the 20 inch long shaft. A heavy duty transom bracket, vibration absorbing mounts and Mercury’s multi function tiller arm are also standard features.


2017 Mercury 20 HP 20MLH Outboard Motor

  • Large Displacement Powerhead (351cc)
  • Thru-Cowl Backup Manual Start
  • Digital CD Ignition with Spark Advance
  • Tuned Intake for Quick Acceleration
  • High Grade Marine Alloy Construction
  • Stainless Steel Water Pump Housing
  • Zinc Coated Water Passages
  • Rated for Saltwater Use
  • Sacrificial Zinc Anodes and Trim Tab
  • Tiller Integrated F-N-R Gear Shifting
  • Adjustable Steering Tension Control
  • Twist-Grip Throttle with Tension Control
  • Thermostat Controlled Water Cooling
  • Heavy Duty Transom Mounting Bracket
  • Manual Tilt
  • Quiet Through-Propeller-Hub Exhaust
  • “Wishbone” Mount for Reduced Vibration
  • 6.6 Gallon Fuel Tank and Fuel Line
  • Easy Maintenance Canister Oil Filter
  • Start-In-Gear Protection
  • Low Oil Pressure Warning Indicator
  • ESG Over-Rev Protection
  • Safety Lanyard Stop Switch
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Mercury Marine 3-Year Warranty


2017 Mercury 20 HP 20MLH Outboard Motor

Model 20MLH
Model Year 2017
SKU 20MLH-17
Weight 118.0000
Manufacturer Mercury
Country of Manufacture Japan
Horsepower 20hp
Shaft Length 20″ (Long)
Steering Tiller
Starting Manual
Trim & Tilt Manual
Fuel Delivery Carburetor
Fuel Tank External
Cylinder(s) 2
Displacement 21.4 / 351
Bore and Stroke 2.40 x 2.36in
Full Throttle RPM Range 5400-6100
Ignition System CDI w/electronic spark advance
Induction Scavenging SOHC
Valves per Cylinder 2
Fuel Type 87 octane/up to 10% ethanol
Fuel Tank / Fuel Line 6.6 / 25
Oil Type Mercury 4-Stroke Outboard Oil
Oil Capacity 1 Quart (1000 ml)
Lubrication Trochoid Pump
Alternator Optional 12 amp / 138 watt (Electric)
Cooling System Water-cooled with thermostat
Saltwater Rated YES
Gear Ratio 2.15
Gear Shift Forward-Neutral-Reverse
Propeller 9.2″ Diameter X 9.1″ Pitch 3-Blade Aluminum
Internal Battery No


2017 Mercury 20 HP 20MLH Outboard Motor

What’s in the box?

  • Fuel Tank (6.6 gallon)
  • Quick Connect Fuel Line
  • Mercury 3-Year Warranty
  • Aluminum Propeller
  • Mercury 4-Stroke Oil
  • Owner’s Manual & Tool Kit


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